Pet adoption push barking up right tree

Published 9:19 am Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finding Frisky or Fido a new home is the focus of a potential partnership between the Lawrence County Animal Shelter and a local pet lover.

Private citizen Cyndi Anderson recently approached the Lawrence County Commissioners and dog warden Bill Click about a partnership that would create a website and other publicity efforts all designed to help the shelter find homes for its animals before they are euthanized.

The animal shelter is often filled well beyond capacity with sometimes as many as 90 animals brought in each week. Although the shelter does what it can to find homes for these dogs and cats, the reality is that many have to be put to sleep.

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Of course, the best solution would be to address the root of the problem by encouraging and helping more pet owners to spay and neuter their animals. But the second component of that is to do everything possible to find homes for these animals.

The Tribune will lend a hand by resuming the publication of a “pet of the week” feature in its Sunday editions.

Since this partnership will have virtually no cost to taxpayers and concerned citizens like Anderson are willing to step up to the challenge of organizing this effort, this is a positive move for Lawrence County.

If even one animal can find a good home or one child can receive the pet he or she has always dreamed of, then this will be time well spent.