Sheriff to get two new cruisers

Published 9:38 am Friday, January 27, 2012


Watching the county’s pennies has paid off as the commissioners recently were able to buy two new cruisers for the sheriff’s office and pay cash.

“Because this commission has been very frugal with money and put some back,” Commission President Les Boggs said.

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Boggs made the announcement about the cruisers during the commission’s Thursday regular meeting.

Both cars will cost a total of $68,000 and should be delivered to the sheriff in a few weeks.

Sheriff Jeff Lawless told the commission that two vehicles from his current fleet need extensive engine repairs. Each cruiser has more than 200,000 miles with repair costs to be between $3,000 to $3,500. Also the sheriff reported that his office’s transport van needs repairs expected to cost $6,000.

Currently the commission is making payments on another cruiser and when that vehicle is paid for in May, a third cruiser will be purchased for the sheriff, Boggs said.

The commission also asked the sheriff to form a radio committee to determine how the sheriff’s office and the villages in the county will enact the mandate to switch all radios to narrow band by Jan. 2013.

In other action the commissioners:

• Approved the promotion of three employees at the Department of Job and Family Services;

• Approved the contract between the county engineer and General Truck Drivers and Helpers Local 92 for employees at the county garage giving them a 1.8 percent cost of living raise.