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Calling all carts

Shoppers Clara Beckett, left and Lois Loper, right, push their buggies through Bartram and Sons grocery Tuesday afternoon. Bartram and Sons grocery and Save A Lot grocery store are asking area residents to return buggies taken from their lots and to call the stores and advise where buggies that have been taken can be located.

Bartram’s, Save A Lot seek missing buggies

In late November, Bartram and Sons grocery store manager Mike Huber purchased 40 new shopping carts for his patrons to use. But less than three months after putting the buggies into use, 10 of the carts are missing. While that may sound like a small complaint to some people, consider that each buggy costs $102; multiply that by 10 and to a small business operator, that’s no small potatoes.

“We go out every so often and drive up and down alleys and we find a few,” Huber said.

And if Huber is looking for company he need look no further than Save A Lot. Huber said the last time he talked to manager Scott Laber, Laber told him he’s losing buggies, too.

“He just got a load of buggies, 75 new ones, and I don’t know how many he has missing,” Huber said.

Laber could not be reached for comment.

Huber is asking anyone who finds a Bartram buggy to call the store and tell an employee where the shopping cart is located.

“We can go pick it up,” Huber said.

Huber said he has not contacted the police about the theft; he said he only wants the buggies back.

Anyone finding a buggy is asked to call Bartram and Sons at (740) 532-5216.