Student’s fight with CF shows our true spirit

Published 9:47 am Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The story of Bethany Bibb is a testament of perseverance, faith and community support.

And it looks to have a happy ending.

Bibb is the Ironton High School student whose fight with cystic fibrosis since the age of 3 has brought many within the community closer together as they rallied to support her and her family.

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CF affects different parts of the body, mostly places with mucus membranes. Mucus keeps the body moist and lubricated. CF thickens the mucus, making it hard for the bacteria to escape, which starts causing infections. Some people encounter lung problems, some encounter diabetes and some people have stomach issues. Bethany has dealt with lung and stomach issues.

Late last year Bibb successfully underwent a double lung transplant and is now on the road to recovery.

It wouldn’t be possible without the countless individuals and groups who got involved to raise money and truly try to make a difference in someone’s life.

Friends and family created Bethany’s Buddies, a grassroots community group that raised more than $37,000 to help with the medical expenses.

For Bibb’s family this group was a Godsend because it allowed them to focus on Bethany’s health instead of organizing events.

For their efforts, this group is recognized with The Tribune’s “Good News, Good Neighbors” spotlight.

Bethany Bibb beat the odds and inspires with her story.