President keeps spending nation into oblivion

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I read a recent column from another person who has sat under a former instructor and learned how to count rhetoric.

Yes, the unemployment rate has dropped from 7.8 percent when he took office to just 8.3 percent and that is if you only count the “fuzzy math” of just forgetting those who are out of work longer than the unemployment is paid and are no longer be counted, this is just how you get to the figure of 8.3 percent.

When you have a president who only knows one thing — spend, spend, spend — you have a president who is fiscally irresponsible.

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Look at the debt he has already racked up, and his new budget is another few trillion dollars.

You can sit and write about the Republicans, who are the party of No, but evidently under the Democrats who had control of both the House, Senate, and the Presidency for two full years and just what did we get?

No budget, just spend and spend. Our national debt has gone from $10.5 trillion to over $15.3 trillion and is going up every day.

Where were the Democrats when you had everything? You say that the economy is improving?

Well tell that to those who have been unemployed and can’t find a job for over two years, and ask them are they better off. While you are at it ask the same question of those whose homes are being foreclosed.

Once again, if you have all the answers talk to small business owners (those who have income of over $250,000 and employ more than 10 people) see if they are the ones who support higher taxes, and while you are at it, tell me again how many poor people hire you to work for them?

Yes, he says the jobs are picking up. But so is inflation. Look at food, gas, travel, clothing and so on. Under this president, gasoline alone has gone from $1.69 a gallon to its present, and to quote someone else “you ain’t seen nothing yet” where will we get oil if there is war in the Middle East?

Does this president care, he has stopped drilling and the pipeline (20,000) jobs, good paying jobs, by saying he wants further study, look how long that has been already studied.

So don’t blame the Republicans for the “do nothing Senate” which is controlled by the Democrats, it doesn’t take a colledge degree to know that America’s debt will cause us to crumble as a nation if it isn’t already to late, whether we have a Republican, or another four years by this spend and spend president.

This debt cannot be blamed on the Republicans as they have been out of office and it is in control of the Democrats.

Homer Campbell, Ironton