December Health Insepctions

Published 8:57 am Friday, February 24, 2012

BPOE Lodge 177

Standard Inspection

Dec. 4

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Observed no violations at time of inspection. Facility was clean. No food was prepared at time of inspection. Elks are furnished food from the The Diner on Park Avenue.


Subway (Ironton Hills Drive)

Standard Inspection

Dec. 5

1. Observed ware washing not being done correctly. Explained to food service employee that ware washing must be washed, rinsed and air-dried. He said he was not aware that it was to be set up in that manner. After instruction on proper set-up of sinks, employee understood why the sinks should be set-up in that manner. 3717-1-04.2

2. Observed green peppers being prepared for cutting without being washed. All raw fruits and vegetables must be washed prior to being cut. Food service employee was instructed on why the fresh vegetables must be washed prior to cutting. A vegetable preparation sink would help facilitate in this procedure. Presently, whole vegetables are washed with water in a bowl. 3717-1-03.2

Temperatures of soups in hot holding were above the required 135 degrees F. Vegetables in cold holding were 41 degrees or less in cold holding sandwich preparation area.

Observed good hand washing procedures by staff. Staff washed hands between tasks and before changing into clean gloves. Other than what is cited above, the facility was in good operating condition at time of inspection.


Speedway #9760

Standard Inspection

Dec. 12

1. Observed what appeared to be food debris in hand wash sink. Hand wash sink is only for the purpose of hand washing and cannot be used for any other purpose. Hand sink must be kept clean. Manager cleaned sink during inspection and replenished the soap dispenser.

2. Observed the seal on the beer cooler door to be frayed. The food service equipment must be in good repair. 3717-1-04.4

3. Observed chopped onions in fresh toppings cold holding unit at hot dog to be 44 degrees F. Manager had onions removed and a fresh bag of onions placed in the unit. Manager called corporate office to have maintenance adjust or repair unit. Raw onions should be held at 41 degrees F or below. 3717-01-4.4 (A) also applies. 3717-1-03.4

Facility was observed to be cleaner than at previous inspection.


Ming Moon

Standard Inspection

Dec. 28

1. Observed an accumulation of dirt and food debris under shelving in walk-in cooler. Equipment must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent such accumulation. Surfaces must be clean to sight and touch. 3717-1-04.5

2. Observed peanut butter lids and an eggshell on floor under cooking area. Floors shall be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. 3717 -1-06.4

Overall facility appears to be cleaner than at previous inspections.


Giovanni’s Pizza (P&J)

Standard/Complaint Inspection

Dec. 28

Complaint was registered with the health department that a food employee had grabbed salad with his bare hands and at another time, it was observed by another individual that a food employee had picked up spaghetti with his bare hands before the sauce and before it was heated. No bare hand contact with food was observed during the inspection. Food service employees observed wearing disposable gloves and it was observed they changed gloves when needed. A call was made to the facility earlier in the month to bring these complaints to the attention of management. It was also stated that an inspection would follow. The manager said she would bring this to the attention of the employees and the owner. At this inspection, the complaint seems not valid.

1. It was observed that there was no hot water in the women’s rest room. Hot water must be available for hand washing and must be at least 100 degrees F.

2. Observed the cutting board on the sandwich preparation table to be cut and scarred to the extent that it is not easily cleanable. The surfaces should be relatively smooth to be easily cleanable. 3717-1-04.4

3. Observed the dough proofing pans to be greasy to touch and soiled with dirt and tomato sauce on outside of pans. Proofing pans should be cleaned regularly to avoid such accumulation. 3717-1-04.5

4. Observed food debris in hand sink. Hand sinks are for hand washing only and cannot be used for other purposes. 3717-1-05.1


Save A Lot

Standard Inspection

Dec. 28

1. Observed raw hamburger displayed over sliced cheese in meat case. Also, several frozen raw meat products (frozen hamburger patties) displayed over ready to eat frozen barbequed pork and corn dogs. Raw meat products and raw shell egg products must be stored in a way to prevent cross-contamination. Manager said he will have this corrected as soon as possible. Corrected at time of inspection. 3717-1-03.2

Other than what is cited above, the retail food establishment is in good operating condition at time of inspection.


Boomer’s Sports Bar LLC

Standard Inspection

Dec. 29

1. Critical: Observed food splatters on the top inside of the microwave oven. Microwave ovens are considered food contact surface and must be clean after each use. Microwave inside top has been cleaned. 3717-1-04.5


All violations are standard unless noted as critical.

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