Tree hits car in Rome Township

Published 9:47 am Monday, March 5, 2012

ROME TOWNSHIP — A woman sustained minor injuries Saturday afternoon in what Rome Township Fire Chief Steve Rutherford described as a “freak accident.”

The woman was injured when a tree fell on her Ford Explorer as she was traveling on County Road 70 near its intersection with County Road 12.

“There was this old, rotten tree and a high wind came through and blew it down on the top of her car,” Rutherford said. “It caved the roof in and some of the branches almost went through her windshield. There was nothing she could have done to get away from it.”

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Rutherford said the road was closed for roughly a half a hour while the tree was cleared away.

The woman was treated at the scene by Lawrence County Emergency Medical Services.

“This is a first for me,” Rutherford said,” I’ve seen parked cars get it (by falling trees) but never a moving one.”