Tea Party supporters actually not ‘just like you’

Published 9:39 am Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I couldn’t disagree more with the author of the letter that stated that Tea Party supporters are “just like you.”

According to recent polls, only about 30 percent of Americans view the Tea Party favorably, so it’s obvious that many of us don’t share their views.

Tea Party supporters are partisan Republicans. Most are men, most are white, and most are older Americans.

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They are more likely than other citizens to be resentful of immigrants, minorities, environmentalists, climate scientists, and a host of other groups that the rest of us find perfectly acceptable.

Most Tea Party supporters dislike the president, and an astonishing number of them suspect he isn’t a Christian or a U.S. citizen. One explanation for that could be the large percentage of Tea Party supporters whose primary source of information is FOX News.

When asked which public figures they admire most, Tea Party supporters choose people like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Many of us would have a difficult time thinking of anyone we admire less.

Tea Party supporters generally consider the Affordable Health Care law a horrifying socialist plot, but they approve of Medicare.

Those of us who find this illogical aren’t “just like you”.

I agree with the author’s point about politicians who do a poor job of representing the citizens who elected them, but I believe that, despite its faults, the U.S. government has been the greatest force for good in the history of the world. The dignity and safety we enjoy weren’t achieved by people who hate government and want it to get out of their way. The government is us. A candidate who doesn’t respect that and believe in it will never get my vote.

Abby Fowler