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Lifesaver bracelets can be difference

It is the type of story that does not usually have a happy ending.

For nearly two weeks, 61-year-old Charles Shoemaker was missing from his Scottown home, simply walking out the door one day and not being seen or heard from by his family.

Thankfully, this time, the story ends with the family united and Mr. Shoemaker not much worse for wear after being found walking down a Huntington, W.Va., street.

But he is fortunate to have been so lucky. The outcome could have been tragically different.

This isn’t the first time Shoemaker has disappeared but it could be the last time it takes so long to ensure he is home safely.

This is the exact type of situation for which Project Lifesaver was created. The program, administered by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, can certainly live up to its name.

The concept is that individuals who have shown a history of becoming disoriented or getting lost are given a bracelet that law enforcement can then track very effectively, greatly reducing the amount of time that individual is missing and also saving a significant amount of tax dollars that are expended when law enforcement and other agencies search for individuals who have gone missing.

At just $350 per bracelet, the cost is nothing compared to the benefit provided to a loved one who can benefit from it. For merit more information on project lifesaver contact the sheriff’s office.

This program goes a long way toward ensuring we have is many happy endings as possible situations like this.