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Obama not getting credit for his many successes

Campaigning for president of the U.S. will begin in earnest soon and propaganda machines are busily churning out the hype.

As we review the last presidential campaign, we see that we were not devoured by the anti-Christ as then warned, and Barack Obama, branded as a terrorist in disguise, has instead killed the long-sought, head terrorist, Bin Laden (who eluded capture for 10 years).

And, Obama has furnished absolute proof that he is indeed an American citizen, still disputed by members of the Flat Earth Society, Rush Limbaugh, and others having similar I.Q.

Additionally, Obama rescued the American automobile industry using bailouts that restored both the industry and American automobile quality.

Bank bailouts salvaged large financial institutions that could have, otherwise, collapsed the global financial world and today we steadily recover from the worst recession in history — one totally unforeseen by the Republican White House and which exploded weeks before Obama took office.

Most of the bailout money has now been repaid with nice profits for the U.S. government and many thousands of jobs thereby saved — allowing those families to remain intact, happy and productive.

Obama does have weaknesses — he uses a teleprompter. Gasp! This is probably noticed because of erudite White House predecessor, George Bush.

Obama’s also charged with rising gasoline costs; Perhaps the propensity of Americans to buy gas-guzzling muscle cars and muscle trucks (dual-wheels even, often hauling nothing heavier than a set of golf clubs), and emerging nations suddenly experiencing modern growth.

Add the tinder-box in Iran and the Middle East as a whole, and its clear there are many complex emerging factors regarding today’s gasoline costs.

Most importantly, however, and lest we forget, Obama is now correcting the biggest mistake in our history, ending the war in Iraq — the real cause of the recession

Ken Felts, Catlettsburg, Ky.