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Local company produces and sells Ultimate Plant Food


Big Daddie Organics is a locally owned and operated company that produces and sells Ultimate Plant Food. It is a 100 percent organic plant fertilizer to be exact. Big Daddie Organics has to offices located in Ashland, Ky. and Huntington, W.Va.

Scott Revely is the company owner and his plant fertilizer is the end result of vermiculture or worm farming.

Although the concept may sound “icky” to some people, it is highly scientific and involves the waste of red wiggler worms. The all-natural plant fertilizer produced by Big Daddie Organics is high in both carbon and nitrogen and helps insulate plant roots, which contributes to an overall improved soil quality and up to 50 percent to 100 percent more plant growth. The product is rich in nutrients and soil conditioner for healthier, more productive plants.

Numerous satisfied clients agree that their plants experienced incredible growth in just a matter of days or weeks. To put Big Daddie Organics to the test, a client actually farmed one row of seeds lined with Ultimate Plant Food and another row of seeds in a regular top soil. In less than two weeks, his Ultimate Plant Food plants were growing at a rate of two to three times compared to those grown in the regular soil.

The public can order Ultimate Plant Food online at bigdaddieorganics.com. For a limited time, the company is offering free shipping on their products. The fertilizer will produce larger flowering plants, stronger roots and more fruits and vegetables.

In the near future, Revely is planning to start an Aquaponics greenhouse, which is the integration, and recycling of both plant and animal agriculture to grow fresh organic fish and plants, primarily fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. The primary benefits of Aquaponics are there are no pesticides, medications, or hormones used; instead, everything is grown through a natural organic farming system. In addition, Aquaponics allows for year-round growing, not just seasonal.

Revely is seeking investors and/or financial backing for the start-up of his Aquaponics greenhouse. He would also like to meet others who have expertise and knowledge of the Aquaponics industry.

For more information, call Scott Revely at (304) 633-0782 or e-mail: bigdaddieorganics@yahoo.com