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Our teachers deserve all appreciation

Fifth-grade student Mattie Malone wasn’t looking for publicity or attention when she sat down with a pen and paper to write from her heart.

Her goal was simply to recognize a teacher who has made a difference in her young life. But when her mother and others read the heart-felt message about Dawson Bryant teacher Ronda Hall they knew it was special.

So it was decided that the letter would be framed and presented to Hall at a recent school function. We commend Mattie for expressing her appreciation for this teacher who the student felt has gone above and beyond the call of duty and for the school district for its efforts to help showcase that.

In today’s economy, with a public education system that remains flawed and inequitable, most school teachers are vastly underpaid and may sometimes feel unappreciated.

But that certainly isn’t the case here.

The burden is on all of us who have children currently or have ever had children in the public schools to show our appreciation for all that these teachers do and the impact they have.

Lawrence County’s teachers have shaped the lives of thousands of young men and women who are now leaders in our community. This contribution cannot be measured and should certainly not be overlooked.