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Pictures may illustrate branches of family tree

My name is Robert R. Strait. My wife, Mim, and I am doing genealogy research on both sides of our families.

My mother, Lexie Rodgers (Rogers) Strait, was born 2/27/05, the daughter of Mikel (Michael) Rowland Rodgers, born 9/15/1868, and Rossetta Miller, born 11/8/1874.

My mother was one of 13 (I was told), and one brother, William Rowland Rodgers (Rogers), born in 1896, who lived his entire life there in Ironton.

I was told that he was either a butcher or had a meat market there in Ironton. He had one daughter, Faye, who was born 7-20-1923. She had one daughter.

My mother had an album with many pictures taken in and around Ironton until she moved to Columbus around 1927 or 1928. I know some of her sisters’ names from the album and several of the census records from 1900 to 1930. Mary Edith 4/29/1890, Mamie, 1892, Nellie Erthel, 1894, Lillian Amanda, 1898, Mable Violet, 1900, Darlene, 1902, five others that may have died very young or in childbirth.

I also have pictures of several other people in Ironton, (Dewey (Navy) & Polly Crawford, Paul and Carroll Hammond (baby Layrene Paul), Martha Kieber (sons Albert/Fredrick), Albert & Thelma Labor, Burne Lafess, Francis McCauley (WW1 uniform), Chancy Miller, Jim Moore, Rose Mulligan, Edna Neal, Elizabeth/ Helen & Herm Nick (Wick), Marie Pasley, Frank Payne, Nellie Riley, Emma Sands, Gertrude/Mary & Mrs. Schearer, Imagene Schmidt, Carl J (on Pony), & Ada Smith (McCrimmon).

If anyone would like to have these pictures (or if you know or are related to any of these people), please contact us. If you have any background on any relationship to my mother or any member of the Rodgers family, please let us know.

Knowing full well that these pictures are over 80 years old, these could be one of someone’s great-grandparents.

This has been the most interesting part of doing genealogy research. These pictures might be helpful to someone else’s family tree.

Please feel free to contact us at mimick@acninc.net or 614-351-8382.

Thanks to The Tribune for their help by publishing this letter.

R. Richard Strait, Columbus