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Parents need to see all good going on at Green

I’m writing this to the citizens of the Green School District. Since our tax levy failed, I’ve been thinking of ways the district could come up with operating money.

Speaking with other concerned citizens, I found that we have more than 100 students attending schools in neighboring districts.

Our district receives approximately $6,000 per student from the state to educate our children. We are losing more than $600,000 per year.

I’m a life-long resident of the Green School District and have seen doctors, lawyers, engineers, college professors, teachers and successful businessmen graduate from Green.

I would argue that compared to other districts our size, our district is near the top when it comes to graduating great citizens.

I want to urge the parents to take a little time and visit our school. Talk to the administrators. If there is a problem, I’m sure our new administrators can solve them.

Our tax levy could have been avoided if only our children would have come home. We as parents can solve this problem. Let’s get more involved.

I hear a lot of reasons as to why this is happening. One reason is sports. How many kids have gotten a free college education by attending another district? Another reason is a better education. How many have received academic scholarships they couldn’t have received at Green?

I’m proud of our district. The way people think of us lies directly on us parents. Why are you not proud? Why are you sending your child to Wheelersburg, Ironton or South Webster? Are they getting a better education?

Do you think you will be well thought-of when you say, “My child goes to Wheelersburg/Ironton/South Webster”? Ten years from now will they be better off?

Let’s get behind our district. I would encourage parents to call me at (740) 464-9749. I’m curious to know the answers to these questions.

Ronnie Salyers

Green Township