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Customer service secret to keep people coming back

“Treat people right and they’ll keep coming back.” That’s awesome business advice, especially when it comes from someone who practices what he preaches.

Chuck Brown, an employee at America Lube, echoed this ages-old saying to me last Saturday from underneath my car as he changed my oil.

The funny thing is, as he and his son, co-worker Ryan Brown, went above and beyond to provide me with top-notch service, it wasn’t particularly the America Lube creed that we were discussing….but it is definitely the way they do business.

Chuck had noticed that my front tires were wearing thin and began talking about another Ironton business.

“Charlie’s Tires is the best in my book,” he said, noting that they will travel miles into the country to fix a flat tire or replace a dead battery. “They stick by what they sell and treat people right; when you do that, people come back.”

Although I only came in for an oil change, Ryan checked the fluid levels of my power steering and transmission. He noted that I have a small leak in each, “probably just a pin-hole in the lines,” filled them both up and gave me some advice about how to stop the leaks.

I took my car straight to Charlie’s Tires, parked and walked into the lobby. In less than half an hour, I left the parking lot with the tire issue resolved. I made the mistake of going to a nationally known retailer a few years ago when I needed a new tire. I’ll never make that mistake again. Charlie’s has spoiled me with their service.

Next, I stopped at Morris Barber Shop for my biweekly buzz.

Surely Bill, Eric, and Mark have bad days; but in several decades of sitting in their chairs, I’ve never witnessed one. They seem to know each customer intimately and that personal touch is evidenced by the packed house they draw on a daily basis.

Side note for fairness: They get so packed that at times I’ve been guilty of trading in my allegience due to time constraints. When I’ve committed this transgression of loyalty, I’ve chosen The Ironton Barber Shop, where I’ve always been very pleased with the work.

On the way home, I stopped at the Speedway on Route 93. The employees here could never be paid their worth to the business. Just like at Morris’, they seem to know everyone personally. The attitudes of these employees makes the business. And it makes people want to keep coming back.

Like most others, I’m a creature of habit. Once I find a place I like, I tend to go there every time I need something they have to offer.

Saturday, as Chuck and Ryan gave me the baker’s dozen at America Lube by addressing my needs as though they were their own, I thought about the importance of seeing Chuck’s words in action.

“Treat people right and they’ll keep coming back.”

And I will be back. Again and again.


Billy Bruce is a freelance writer who lives in Pedro. He can be contacted at hollandkat3@aol.com. Check out his blog at http://blog.hollandkat.com.