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Crash data will make road safer

In some cases perception can become reality but, when it comes to highway safety and roadway statistics, it is the cold hard data that tells the story.

That is essentially the concept behind a recent study by Traffic Safety Analysis Systems and Services, Inc., a consulting firm from Grove City. The company was commissioned by the Lawrence County Engineer’s Office to study all county roads and state routes within the county’s borders to determine the number and kind of traffic accidents that occur.

The goal is intended to dispel false perceptions about the most dangerous roadways and intersections in the county and to provide clear statistics about real public safety hazards.

The ultimate plan is, once armed with this data, the county can focus on infrastructure changes that would help make our roads safer and potentially save lives.

It may also open the door to grant dollars that our county would not receive otherwise.

This project is certainly time and money well spent as it provides the needed data to make changes to a highway system that is an integral component for quality of life and economic development.

Anything we can do to strengthen our highway system in Lawrence County, and how it links up with the rest of the Tri-State, only makes our region more attractive for people who want to work, live and play here.