Global focus key to local opportunities

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More than ever before, we live in a global economy. The days of just competing for new jobs with neighboring cities and states have long since passed.

Our communities are now competing domestically as well as with countries across the world. This means we must always be ready and build a proverbial tool set that allows us to compete for local and foreign investments in economic growth and job creation.

That is exactly what the Lawrence Economic Development Corp. is trying to do with its application for a special foreign classification.

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If an international company meets that requirement, with the classification the company can be offered a complimentary visa for a member of an executive’s family or someone in the company.

This is just another component to make Lawrence County attractive to investment by companies looking to expand in the United States. Critics and naysayers will contend that southern Ohio cannot compete on a global level. That negativity and lack of vision has been part of the thought process that has stifled our growth for decades.

Our region has tremendous assets including the Ohio River, railroad connections and a highway system that links together the entire East Coast.

The Internet and other technological advances have essentially shrunk our world in a way that levels the playing field. We have to do everything possible to ensure that Lawrence County is a viable option for any businesses looking to locate here.