United front needed to fight theft

Published 9:06 am Thursday, May 31, 2012

The village of Coal Grove may be the latest to join the list but it is certainly not alone when it comes to being victimized by thieves.

A variety of equipment was stolen last week, the second time in recent months. Thefts and break-ins certainly appear to have spiked in recent years, likely driven by the growing epidemic of drug abuse in southern Ohio and the tri-state.

Precautionary measures certainly need to be taken and Coal Grove officials seem to be well on their way towards implementing some of those.

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But perhaps the most effective approach may be a new spin on an old idea. And that is neighbors looking out for neighbors.

When citizens get to know those living around them and pay attention to what goes on, it only makes our communities more safe.

It isn’t a license to be nosy but some signs should certainly raise red flags.

If you see someone skulking around your neighbor’s home late at night or when no one is home, simply call the police. Neighborhood watch programs have gotten a bad reputation in recent months following the shooting of Trayvon Martin. That was an isolated incident with a very unique set of circumstances. Organizations like this aren’t about gun toting vigilantes. The concept is simply to become friends with those living around you in order to create a united front against crime with eyes everywhere.

That is something that Lawrence County can certainly use.