Family members raising money for Markel flag

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 3, 2012

Seeks banner for police chief killed in line of duty


Family members of an Ironton Police Chief who was gunned down in a jail break in the 1960s think the late Gene Markel should have a street banner like the rest of Ironton’s most notable citizens.

Andrew “Drew” Day and Anthony Harper have approached city officials about having a flag erected for Markel, who is Day’s great-uncle and Harper’s great-great-uncle.

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The proposal will be voted on Monday by the Ironton Port Authority, the entity that approves the honor.

“I think, if anyone deserves it, he does,” Day said. “He gave the ultimate sacrifice for his city. He should be remembered.”

Day said, as police chief, Markel started the safety patrol program in city schools.

Ironton Economic Development Director Bill Dickens said he is agreeable to the idea but the sponsors of the proposal are required to raise the money to pay for the banner, supply a photograph of the honoree and information about why the person is being honored.

“There shouldn’t be a problem with it,” Dickens said. “I would suggest a corner near the police station (where the banner should be hung).”

Markel, a former marine, was killed Dec. 2, 1966 when he went to the aid of other officers at a jail uprising. He was shot to death during that incident.

Day said he plans to solicit city residents for the $250 required for the banner. Those who want to donate money may contact the port authority at (740) 532-8790.