Design change delays Lawrence bridge project

Published 9:43 am Tuesday, June 5, 2012



The project to replace the bridge on Lawrence Street, also known as County Road 22, has hit a snag.

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Originally the project to rebuild the bridge, which will be constructed at a higher elevation, was bid on May 10 with a completion date tentatively scheduled in September.

However, only one bid was received and that was for more than a half-million dollars over the $781,000 amount budgeted for the project.

The reason for the high bid and the lack of competing bids was reportedly because contractors were not allowed to use the high water access road to deliver bridge beams and cranes to the site.

“That is what we have been told by the contractors,” County Engineer Doug Cade said. “They chose not to bid because the cost to relocate utilities and to get into the site was too expensive.”

Besides the high water access road the only way to the site would have been through the city of Ironton.

“The design was done,” Kathleen Fuller, ODOT District 9 spokesperson, said. “The way the design was done that was what drove up the cost. Bringing in their equipment they wouldn’t be able to use the route that was needed.”

Since the project had already been bid, the change couldn’t be made through an addendum.

However, Fuller said the bids could be opened in a couple of weeks.

“It could still be as early as this month or pretty soon,” she said.

Fuller expects the project to be completed now in November.