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Commissioners focusing on internet access

Eastern end residents want high speed option


The status of Internet and cable television for eastern end residents is the focus of a request by the Lawrence County Commissioners, who want Armstrong Cable to tell them when, or if, the high-tech access is coming to that part of the county.

At its regular Thursday meeting the commissioners voted to contact the cable company about its plans to provide service to those living in Miller Hill and Platform, outside of Scottown, as well as residents on County Road 66, 67 and 12.

“A lot of people want high speed Internet,” Commission President Les Boggs said after the meeting. “They are not satisfied with what they have. This is the day and time utility companies should offer extended services over the entire county. And we would like to say we have always had a good working relationship with Armstrong, always willing to look at our requests.”

The commissioners also asked Armstrong to give an update on its Lawrence County expansion program.

During the meeting Sheriff Jeff Lawless gave an update on his office’s taking over of the 911 dispatching.

“We have taken over dispatching for Ironton (Police Department) and the whole thing is going a whole lot more smoothly than expected,” Lawless said.

The number of 911 calls from city residents has doubled the dispatching volume, said the sheriff who wants to add a fourth work station with computer and phone at the 911 central operations center.

Cost for that station would be almost $84,000 and Lawless asked commission for funds when they become available.

Lawless also asked for funding to replace 15 Tasers for the county’s deputies.

“Our department is in need of new Tasers,” the sheriff said. “They are so outdated the Taser company won’t work on them. Two Tasers are broken and the rest are old. When you talk about officers’ safety and using a less lethal means (of force) rather than a baton or firearm, it is definitely a needed tool.”

Cost for each Taser with holster is $844.95.

In other action the commission:

• Signed Clean Ohio Revitalization request for Alpha Portland Cement in amount of $7,732;

• Signed Clean Ohio Revitalization request for Superior Cement in amount of $13,376;

• Approved Hazard Mitigation Grant in amount of $30,081 with local match of $7,520;

• Received the weekly dog warden’s report where 12 dogs were destroyed; five were sold; and two were redeemed by their owners. There were 49 dogs in custody this week.