Decorating shoes to help out city mission

Published 9:48 am Monday, June 18, 2012

Gretchen Brose uses diamond-like stickers to decorate the pair of shoes.

In the fairy tale about Cinderella, an ordinary pumpkin was turned into a carriage fit for a princess. On Saturday, some modern-day little princesses turned pairs of ordinary shoes into works of art.

Tea, Treats and Sweets in Elizabeth Township sponsored a Shoe-La-La party Saturday. Business owner-aka-fairy godmother Vicki Roach set out tea tables for approximately 15 young patrons who brought shoes to decorate and give to the Ironton City Mission. Roach said the second Saturday of each month she combines fundraisers with parties and collects necessary items for charity.

“Next month we’ll collect school supplies,” she said.

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Gretchen Brose painted little green dots on her donation while Camryn Zornes opted to dress up some black tennis shoes.

“I like swirls,” she said as she applied green and purple paint to the shoe.

Roach read to the children the Karen Beaumont story titled “Shoe-La-La,” about young ladies who go shoe shopping to find that perfect pair of shoes. The girls then took up cans of glitter and showy baubles and transformed the most ordinary of footwear into tokens of community service and friendship.