M&M Inflatables cares about our community

Published 9:28 am Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On Friday, June 29, my granddaughter, Chelsea Perry, lost power to her home as did many others due to the severe storm. The problem is Chelsea has severe health problems including needing a dialysis machine.

Her daddy was able to keep the machine running but by Saturday the heat was almost unbearable for Chelsea.

On Saturday I was talking to a dear friend about the situation. On Sunday morning this dear friends called to inquire about Chelsea and the situation. I informed her that nothing had changed. The power was still off and we had called everywhere trying to locate a large generator. Everyone had sold out.

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This friend informed me she was going to do whatever she could to find someone to help Chelsea. She too called several places and couldn’t find larger generators.

During all of this a friend of hers called and she told them about Chelsea’s situation.

In just a short time, this friend of my friend had located a generator at M&M Inflatables that was large enough to operate all of Chelsea’s medical equipment and also keep her house cool enough. This wonderful business offered the use of this generator until the power came back on, for no charge.

This great friend of mine got her son, grandson and a couple of friends to pick up this large generator, bring it to Chelsea’s house and then pick it up when the power came back on and return it to M&M Inflatables.

A mere thank you seems very small to say to all of these folks. This is something we will never forger.

Sunday, July 1, was truly Christmas in July to us. God surely had all of our little hands in his big hand to have put all of this in place.

Ironton is blessed to have a business like M&M Inflatables.

Billie Lee Perry