Unions have place in society but must walk line

Published 9:45 am Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I have worked both as a union employee and for a company that wasn’t union. I agree that the union shop is the best to work under.

However, in some cases and I will try to show a few, they priced themselves out of work.

I worked at Alpha Portland Cement Co. and that was a union shop. They told me how long it should take to do a job. I did that job in less than two hours and was told by the boss that the union classified it as eight hours and to look busy for six more hours.

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So, when they didn’t make money, they went out of business.

Another union, Armco Steel, went on strike in 1959. The union held out long enough for foreign steel to start selling in the U.S. and they got their way, but many more Americans lost their jobs.

The Dayton Malleable plant went on strike. The men said they would hold out and buy the locks for the doors.

Well, they got the chance.

As I said in the beginning, I prefer a union job to non-union, however when the union prices itself above the company and they can’t make money, all lose in the long run.

This is just a sample of the many companies that have left Ironton.

The union was the best thing that ever happened to the working man.

However, when the union bosses think more of the union dues than for the working man the system is wrong.

While at work, I was a union steward for many years. I won many grievances for the men and wouldn’t file a grievance unless we were in the right.

I finished up my career as a company man. However, I still held up for those in the right.

I am a conservative who believes that there is good in both parties and, whether a Democrat or Republican, right is right and wrong is wrong — no matter what is before or after your name.

Don’t be like Jim Crawford and only hold one party guilty of wrong doing, hold both to the same standard.

Homer Campbell



Sheriff’s deputy goes above, beyond call of duty

I would like to take a minute to give a very special “thank you” to our Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

Tuesday evening, while on my way home out State Route 141 and trying to beat the dark, I came upon a very bad wreck and was told the road would be closed for at least two hours. I was routed back to State Route 93 and given direction to Lake Vesuvius, etc.

These were all dark roads I was lost on. I made it to the lake entrance and didn’t know my way home.

A nice man came to my aid – seeing how upset I was. He was a Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputy, Randy Goodall. He said, “Follow me” and he led me through all those dark roads and past the wreck to home.

Thank you sir for your kindness to a stranger in need.

God be with you.

Donna Wooten

Kitts Hill