Politicians wasting time, money, votes

Published 11:50 am Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our leaders in Washington, D.C., continue to waste time on grandstanding, political posturing and casting votes that basically mean absolutely nothing.

This has to stop now.

We understand that it is an election year and that certainly seems to taint every action, but when will elected officials realize that doing the right thing is a far better approach to get re-elected than ridiculous partisan antics that amount to nothing more than a show.

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The Senate voted Wednesday on two separate tax cut plans — one a Republican version and another a Democrat proposal — despite the fact that both parties know they aren’t even close to having enough votes for either plan to ever become a law.

This comes on the heels of the GOP-led House of Representatives voting more than 30 times to repeal the affordable care act, even though they know most of the efforts are futile won’t make it through the Senate or pass the president’s veto.

Not only are these actions a waste of time — paid for by the taxpayers — they also show what our elected officials think of the intelligence of the American citizens.

Our nation continues to struggle with a sluggish economy, unacceptable unemployment rates and a diminishing role as the leader of the world. Yet the individuals we chose to represent us are content to waste time and money.

Citizens need to tell the politicians this is unacceptable now using their voices and on November using their votes.