Lewis bans tweeting during camp

Published 10:20 pm Sunday, July 29, 2012

CINCINNATI (AP) — The Cincinnati Bengals won’t be tweeting about training camp or anything else for the next few weeks.

Coach Marvin Lewis has banned players from using the social media outlet during camp. He imposed the ban after consulting team leaders about the crackdown. So far, they’re following it.

Lewis says the ban is “part of being selfless” as a player. Many Bengals players use Twitter regularly to tell each other and their friends what they’re doing.

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Lewis is particularly wary of players talking about injuries on Twitter. Rookie cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick confirmed his knee injury with a tweet earlier this week, before camp began.

Union representative Andrew Whitworth says he has asked the players’ union whether the Twitter ban violates the collective bargaining agreement. He’s waiting for an answer.