Veterinarian’s work shows circle of life

Published 12:58 am Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It is Saturday afternoon. I am looking at a blank computer screen. It is not that I have put off writing the article all week, it is more of a case that I haven’t written the article all week.

Usually there is something that happens that demands to be written. A particular patient that does well. Or a disease that needs to be taught about. Or something that takes up my entire week.

But this week has been just a week. We were not slammed like last Thursday when we had no less than six animals trying real hard to die.

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We were heroes for three, two died that day and one a couple of days later.

And we didn’t have one of those weeks that tumbleweeds blow through and we have enough time to get into exciting projects. It was just a week.

So now I look at a blank screen. Well, actually there is a facebook post that says it is a wonderful day outside. Of course, that requires a comment since I am working.

But then again if I hadn’t used up all my CastleVille energy, I could be playing that. Or maybe that has something to do with the still blank screen.

I didn’t go out in the woods this week and all of my chigger, mosquito and poison ivy itches are healing into scabs that are not all that itchy anymore. So there is nothing to write about there.

I did eleven surgeries on Tuesday, but they were all puppies and kittens for adoption. So, other than saying that you should come by and look, I don’t have a story for that.

Sassy is on IV fluids because of hemorrhagic-gastro-enteritis, but I wrote about that before and since the owners have given permission to treat, she will do fine.

Crescent is a rat that is in the hospital, but she is not doing well in spite of treatment and diagnostics. So, I am not thinking neither of them would make a good story or article.

Freddie went home from his strychnine poisoning, but we aren’t positive that is really what it was. Besides, he is doing better on treatment so it doesn’t matter.

We did spend a bit of time this week interviewing and hiring new employees.

But they don’t start until their drug tests are back, so there isn’t a story there. Applications would be an interesting story some day, but from some of the things put on applications it needs a good long time before those personal things should become public knowledge.

We did get a wonderful fruit/junk food basket from a client.

But it wasn’t really our client, we saw them on emergency and all we did was our job. Since our job consisted of examine, test and euthanize; I am thinking that is not good material for an article.

I do seem to think that sometimes we do the most for people who appreciate us the least and do the least for folks who appreciate us the most.

I mean, we did see patients. We hospitalized some and treated others at home. In some cases, I got to be a hero and when patients were so critical that client waiting times were longer, I was not.

But it was just a week. A week in the circle of life with some doing well and others not.

Anyway it is Saturday afternoon and I am looking at a blank computer screen.

It is not that I have put off writing the article all week, it is more of a case that I haven’t written the article all week.

Only, now I have haven’t I?


MJ Wixsom practices veterinarian medicine at Guardian Animal Medical Center in Flatwoods, Ky. For questions, call 606-928-6566.