Welcome mat officially rolled out for groundbreaking of Intermountain Electronics

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 19, 2012

SOUTH POINT — With the rain coming down, state and local officials opted to forego a traditional groundbreaking Friday to welcome a Utah-based company to The Point industrial park.

Instead, they ceremonially tied together large pieces of rebar, the product that is used to build facilities such as the one Intermountain Electronics will soon inhabit.

Intermountain will build a 60,000 square-feet building that will be used to manufacture electrical power distribution gear.

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“Our biggest customer is the mining industry,” explained James Martin, Intermountain senior vice president of engineering and technical services.

The company makes cabinetry for electrical systems switches and computer controls, substations and transformers that provide electrical power for the oil and gas industries as well as the mining industry.

“This (new tenant at The Point) is a sign of things to come,” Lawrence Economic Development Corporation President Dan Mooney told the assembly Friday.

His sentiment was echoed by Lawrence County Commission President Les Boggs.

“This is another great day in Lawrence County,” Boggs said.

Fellow Commissioner Bill Pratt pointed out the company’s investment includes 18 initial jobs and possibly a total of 35 jobs within two years.

“We do appreciate your business,” Pratt told company officials.

“We’re pleased to have you in our village,” South Point Mayor Ron West said. “We will help you any way we can. I think this is a plus for South Point and I know it’s a plus for Lawrence County.”

The company has been serving customers in the Tri-State for more than 20 years and has been manufacturing locally in Ashland, Ky., since February 2008.

The new facility at The Point is scheduled to open in December.

Martin touted the work ethic and workforce as reasons why the company chose this area for its expansion and new facility.

Martin said, after the meeting, most of the employees needed are industrial electricians, welders and fabricators.

Those interested in applying may call (877) 543-9199 or visit the company’s website at www.ie-corp.com.