Voters can blame selves if Obama is re-elected

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 2, 2012

In reality Barack Obama just might be re-elected by running on his record of lies, for he was elected on his “Hope and Change” theme.

Well. in the first election more than 69 million people were sold a bill of goods.

Obama has continually lied about his progress. The nearly $1 trillion stimulus was to provide “shovel-ready jobs” to millions of workers.

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In reality it never happened.

That stimulus was to keep unemployment below 8 percent, but it then went to more than 10 percent and hasn’t been down to 8 percent since.

We are a weaker nation and one that is more than $5 trillion dollars in debt under Obama in less than four years with nothing to show for it.

Senior citizens will lose, starting next year, the beginning of $7 billion in Medicare benefits, and anyone over 75 needing stents in veins, and many other expensive operations, can just forget about it because they will no longer be available for all us who are seniors.

Will you be foolish enough to give him four more years to completely ruin our great nation?

The first time around, after sitting in J. Wright’s church for 20 years, he lied about what he heard. It was a message of “hate America.”

If he is elected again it is because he is a Democrat. Do not blame the Republicans for the last four years. No budget has been passed because the Democrats hold the Senate and no budget has been passed since Obama took office.

The plan is to just spend and spend until no one will honor our American dollar anymore. This is what you can look for in the next four years under Obama.

So, go ahead and re-elect this polished liar for another term, then you can’t blame the Republicans, only yourselves.

Homer Campbell