Ironton HOF should look at more criteria

Published 9:09 am Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I just recently read the article about the Ironton Hall of Fame Banquet and the criteria to be used to select the first five to seven members of the HOF class.

I find this process very disappointing.

I was chosen the 1971 Tiger Clan Award winner. This award is presented to the individual who demonstrated a high level of three different items: A good grade point average (mine was 3.63, ninth out of 197 graduates), contributed on the sports playing field (basketball co-captain and baseball co-captain) and was active in the school and a good citizen.

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I was student council president and earned various other accolades. I went on to Findlay College (1971-1975) and was inducted into the Findlay College HOF for Baseball. The same three criteria was used to select folks for that hall.

The Tribune published an article in September 2009 about my accomplishments.

I am one of 212 members of the Findlay HOF. The school was opened in 1882.

But based upon the areas to be used to be inducted into the Ironton HOF it only includes sports. There is no college that only uses sports as a selection tool.

I would venture to say that there are not many from Ironton High School who won the Tiger Clan Award, graduated ninth in his class and was student council president. In college, I made the HOF, made the dean’s list all 12 quarters in college, was the only junior and senior head resident of a dormitory, and graduated cum laude, etc.

According to the rating method in the HOF article in the Ironton paper, I would never be considered. However, using what most institutions use, I would at least be mentioned.

As I said, very disappointing.

Earl Fletcher