Rep. Terry Johnson working for region

Published 9:31 am Thursday, September 6, 2012

Since first being introduced to our proposed construction of a state-of-the-art iron, power and steel production plant in Haverhill earlier this year, Ohio Representative Terry Johnson has become a tirelessly energetic proponent of our projects who has fully committed himself to the successful completion of our objectives.

Upon first hearing of our projects he quickly realized the impact this would have on the local community, while also seeing how it dovetails perfectly with his fundamental belief in a holistic approach being taken to the revitalization of Portsmouth, the surrounding areas of the 89th House District and the entire Ohio Valley.

He immediately set out an action plan to assist us in achieving our goals including successfully engaging a number of Ohio regulatory organizations which in turn has led directly to the entering of advanced negotiations with a number of potential project partners.

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Dr. Johnson also worked diligently in the public policy arena to ensure that relevant policies are favorable for economic development including our project.

At a local level Representative Johnson has continued to generate and maintain the community support that is vital to the success of a project of his magnitude.

For his contributions in making significant steps towards making our project into a reality that represents a massive impetus to the recovery of the local and regional community, Representative Johnson without doubt deserves everybody’s support this November.

John Schultes


New Steel International, Inc.