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United Way makes little go long way

The United Way of the River Cities knows a thing or two about making a little go a long way. That is what the organization has been doing for decades and why a small donation can make a very big difference.

The organization, which helps individuals in Cabell, Wayne, Mason and Lincoln counties in West Virginia and Lawrence County, Ohio, kicked off its 2012 workplace fundraising campaign and needs strong support from the entire Tri-State to reach its $1.25 million goal.

The United Way provides funding to dozens of other community service organizations including the Ironton City Welfare Mission, Boy Scouts of America and many others.

In addition to providing funding to address directly areas of need, the United Way’s biggest strength may be that it takes a holistic approach that tries to implement programs to address root problems instead of putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms.

By making a small contribution each week or month or pay period, you can make a big difference. If you are an employee and would like to help, please ask your employer if they can help set this up. If you are an employer and would like more information, the United Way has community members who can assist with this.

To give during the 2012 workplace campaign, visit www.giveunitedway.org or contact Scott Neill at scott.neill@unitedwayrivercities.org or 304-523-8929, ext. 2.

Government cannot solve all of our problems. Some people need assistance and a team approach will only make our community stronger.