Voters need to evaluate candidates

Published 12:18 am Sunday, September 9, 2012

As we rapidly move into the last days before an important election it is imperative for each of us to study the nominees. We need to know which candidates hold our interests and needs closest to their hearts.

We must know their stances and their mindsets so we can pick those who relate to us.

I will not tell you who to cast a vote for at this time but I have some intensive questions for civil thinkers.

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If Gov. Mitt Romney was all that, why does it take a $400 million dollar production to move him toward the White House? Others arrived without the need of Super PACs. Is this to remind him to take care of his own — the rich?

There are those who admittedly cannot say they even like him. There are those who fear he will be another President Bush.

Is that all bad to the real Conservatives?

Another question: Why are so many people with the title Secretary of State desperately trying to change the election regulations?

If Gov. Romney is all that why all the state election changes? Can someone explain that with civility? I feel for an older woman in South Carolina who has always voted but will not be allowed because she doesn’t have a birth certificate. Certainly she can’t possibly be the only one.

It appears these fears and twists and turns are necessary to assure Gov. Romney’s journey.

I like Congressman Paul Ryan, however, he hasn’t gotten off to a very honest start.

The plants in Wisconsin closed under President Bush’s watch, not then-Senator Obama. The Congressman only ran one marathon and his time was slower than he first said in an interview. He used plural in the conversation, too.

The $7 million that is reported to have been taken from Medicare to support the Affordable Care Act is not correct either.

How can someone repeal, on day one, an act that the Supreme Court approved? The executive branch does not have that power! Remember your American government test?

The important position is for everyone who votes to pay attention to everyone who wants a leadership seat and vote accordingly. Just because we voted one party previously does not mean we need to do so in this election.

Who is closer to your status? Who will be sending our military to new battlegrounds? Who cares about all Americans?

Do you know one presidential candidate essentially said he doesn’t have to care about the poor because there is already a component in the system for them?

Again, please take note of those running prior to voting.

Name three reasons — besides the party of those seeking your vote — why an individual should be president. If I can’t, there is no vote.

Dawnita Redd