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Let’s make waves not ripples

Cast a pebble into a pond and it creates several ripples that reach beyond where it first broke the surface. Toss hundreds of stones into that same pond and the ripples become more like waves, far-reaching and, over time, change the makeup of the pond itself.

That single pebble can be compared to one person when he or she decides to make a difference in the community. Those hundreds of pebbles are what happens when civic organizations, community groups and concerned citizens work together for a single goal.

Isn’t it time that we threw more pebbles here in Lawrence County?

Our communities are blessed with dozens of organizations that are driven by civic-minded individuals who want to make Lawrence County and the Tri-State a better place.

The list has too many to name in its entirety but some include: the Ironton Lions Club, the Ironton Rotary Club, Operation Tidy Up Lawrence County, the Lawrence County Young Professionals, Leadership Tri-State, Coal Grove Betterment Club, Coal Grove Lions Club, the Proctorville Chesapeake Rome Lions Club, and many more.

Each of these groups do a great deal to improve our region. But what would happen if they all came together once or twice a year to focus on a project that would have tangible and long-lasting impact on our region?

The closest we have come to something like this is the countywide cleanup. It is a tremendous effort and shows what can be accomplished with this level of Cooperation.

But, unfortunately, much of the visible impact is temporary.

So what could this army of volunteers do? That should really be decided by the community. What sort of project do Lawrence Countians feel would help our area?

The possibilities are pretty limitless.

Could this group commit to improving the playgrounds at one park in every major community in the county? Could they come together to build something? Is there an organization or building like the Chesapeake Community Center that could benefit from a workday?

Maybe an organization like the Chamber of Commerce that has countywide reach could assist in seeking input and feedback from the community.

First, we need ideas. Then we need action.

We can make a difference in Lawrence County and change the entire region, but we must be willing to be a pebble.


Michael Caldwell is publisher of The Tribune. To reach him, call (740) 532-1445 ext. 24 or by e-mail at mike.caldwell@irontontribune.com. Follow him on Twitter: @MikeCaldwell_IT.