Ironton men make impact with project

Published 10:19 am Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Far too many people in this world see a problem and point it out. It takes special individuals willing to make a difference to see a problem and find a solution.

That is certainly what Ironton residents Jay Zornes and Shawn Jones have done when they started their Holy Smokes Barbecue venture solely to raise money for scholarships for Ironton High School students.

The two men didn’t have to do this and certainly have lots of other things on their proverbial plates, but firing up the smoker and cooking up some delicious barbecue has turned out to be a good way to raise hundreds of dollars for Ironton’s scholarship funds.

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One was a fund created in 2005 in memory of Shawn Jones’ son, Shane. Over the years funding began to dwindle and the scholoarship ran out in 2011.

Zornes, who is also on the school board, sparked the idea of turning the barbecue hobby into a fundraiser. This type of selflessness and community support is what makes our region so special.

For their work, Zornes and Jones are recognized with the return of The Tribune’s “Good News, Good Neighbors” spotlight.

Anyone interested in pre-ordering Holy Smokes Barbeque or making a special bulk order, contact Zornes at (740) 533-7000.

Sustaining scholarship endowments like this helps our youth achieve their dreams and attain a higher education.