Green District students worth investment

Published 9:48 am Thursday, September 20, 2012

Throughout my elementary and high school education, I heard the whispering rumors, “Green High School might be closing down!”

Honestly, I never paid much attention.

I had been hearing that the Green School District was poor, and that they may have to close the school system down my entire life. However, nothing had ever resulted from it. I always assumed that it would never happen, that it was just one of those stories that survived year after year.

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Now, more than ever, Green Local Schools need our help.

I was part of the graduating class of 2010. I was a proud graduate: proud of myself, proud of my classmates, and proud of my education.

I knew that I was prepared for college, and ready to face the real world. I knew that even though we weren’t one of the richest schools, with all the newest technology, everyone in my class received a high quality education.

I had some of the best teachers imaginable throughout my schooling. They supported me, told me I could achieve great things, and came up with creative new ways to present the same old material.

My teachers also called me out when I wasn’t trying my hardest, showed me ways in which I could improve, and pushed me so that I could achieve my full potential.

The world of arts and sciences were opened up for me to explore and learn. Above all, my teachers became lifelong mentors and friends.

The Green School District helped instill a good work ethic and thirst for success within me. In the two years since I have graduated I have accomplished many great things! I attended college; and in doing so found out that I was better prepared than most students who graduated from “better schools.”

I became an emergency medical technician, and served my community by working at the Green Township Fire Department. I graduated nursing school at the top of my class. I am now employed as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit where I make a positive influence on people’s lives every day.

And I am preparing to apply for graduate school. This is just my own personal success story. There are countless others from my class, the classes before mine, and the classes after mine who have gone out into the world to accomplish amazing things with their lives.

I look around, and see that other school systems are building new schools, converting their football fields to Astroturf, and spending lots of money on commodities. Meanwhile, the Green school system is struggling to just stay afloat.

There are many factors that play into this unfair situation. And unfortunately, I don’t know what the answer is to fix the problem.

But what I do know is: Green High School is worth investing in; and more importantly, the students of Green High School — who will grow up to do great things and be the future of our nation — are worth fighting for.

Marty McCoy

Green Township


Household pets become members of your family

I think that it is a travesty of justice for two dog killers to only get seven months.

To some people who cannot have children, pets become their children.

The penalty should be greater than it is because a loved one or loved ones in that family have been viciously taken from them.

People think, “well it’s just an animal.” Well, next time think, “Pets are family members, too.”

Dean DeSalvi