Business welcome addition

Published 9:29 am Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The beauty of a free-market economy is that it typically rights itself in terms of supply and demand for goods and services. That seems to be the case with Ironton’s newest steel company.

Anaconda Steel recently filled the building and the void created when Tri-America Contractors, Inc. closed its doors.

The new Ironton company, located at Sixth and Ashtabula streets, hopes to create as many as 70 jobs over the next two years. This is certainly welcome news for the city, as it has seen several popular businesses including Bob Linn’s Sporting Goods, Fannin’s Hallmark and Glitters either close their doors or prepare to go out of business.

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The fact that Anaconda Steel was able to somewhat pick up where Tri-America left off — and keep an industrial building from sitting empty — is another positive.

Officials for the company have praised the city and its economic development leaders for their efforts and willingness to help.

That should certainly be considered a key job duty for anyone working toward the city’s economic development. In today’s economic climate job retention should be considered as much of a success as job creation.

The free-market will bounce back as new businesses arise to meet needs, but that doesn’t mean citizens and economic leaders shouldn’t be proactive in helping support the businesses already in town.