SP schools’ leaders ignoring parents, students

Published 9:29 am Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I wanted to publicly say how disappointed I am in how the South Point Board of Education dismisses the voice of the students and families they were elected to serve.

Recent changes in the lunch schedule at South Point High School has divided the normal lunch period into two separate extremely short lunch periods, with one that begins at 10:45 in the morning.

In previous years, students at the high school resourcefully used the extra time that was existent in the one lunch period schedule to conduct student council and club meetings and, most importantly, receive extra tutoring from teachers in an effort to fully understand the material presented in the classroom.

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Since the change to the two-lunch period schedule, these students have lost valuable time to conduct these meetings and receive much-needed tutoring.

Administration is stating that the two-lunch periods are necessary to better supervise the students and that tutoring and monitoring can be performed either before or after school.

This concept has been shown to be ineffective as the first attempt to conduct club and council meetings before school resulted in a multitude of students missing homeroom attendance and a portion of their first period classes.

Many parents were called about students being absent when the students were in attendance.

Some of the top students respectfully presented their case to the board members at the last meeting in an effort to have the lunch schedule reverted back to normal, with the support of numerous teachers and parents.

Instead, the board members rejected their pleas and the superintendent was unprofessional towards one teacher who was there to support the students.

It’s so sad to see an administration blatantly ignoring the will of the taxpayers and students for programs that hinders the students of South Point High School.

Jennifer Ross-Wilkinson

South Point