Congressman wants to cut Medicare

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 30, 2012

Congressman Bill Johnson has continually voiced his support for Paul Ryan’s budget. This vote would take drastic steps to cut the Medicare guarantee that many of our seniors in the Ohio River valley depend upon.

How is this putting the thoughts and concerns of the district first?

Seniors who have paid into Medicare with a lifetime of hard work deserve to know they’ll receive the benefits they’ve earned. But, at every opportunity, Johnson and House Republicans have chosen to protect tax breaks for billionaires rather than Medicare for seniors.

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We need to reduce spending and get the deficit under control, but we have to do it the right way. Cutting Medicare and protecting millionaires is not right.

Johnson will tell you that the new plan is not a “death penalty” for Medicare, but the facts speak for themselves. The plan calls for an end to Medicare and for the establishment of an $8,000 annual subsidy that would be expected to cover all medical bills.

How can Johnson think this is responsible leadership knowing the elderly population we have in this district?

Larry Meadows



Politicians are destroying foundation of America

More than 200 years have passed and America’s foundation has eroded, leaving only a shell of our Declaration of Independence.

I am one of 11 children, three boys and eight girls, all proud children of Democrat Irish-German Catholics. We were raised properly by our God-fearing parents and were taught the Golden Rule.

Breaking these rules or commandments resulted in corrective measures. Live right and not wrong was the basic principle. Simply, be nice and don’t lie.

In both parochial and public schools, history lessons taught young Americans that this great, powerful nation was founded upon Christian values.

The newfound United States of America fought to achieve religion and speech freedoms and the right to bear arms to protect their rights.

Most politicians are full of cheap talk. Top candidates for president make public promises of what they will do and guarantee great positive changes to lead America on a new course.

Just this past 45 months, we the taxpayers owe more than all the combined sitting presidents accumulated.

Outright lies pour from their lips either in the campaign or in the Oval Office.

In less time than a magician can make an elephant or a donkey disappear, the entire world learned of their unfaithfulness, deceit and failed attempts to cover up their outright dishonesty.

More than 65 years ago, my brothers, sisters and I were taught a lie is a lie and is wrong, physically and spiritually.

We all have remained silent allowing approval by Congress, Senate, judges and ourselves of ungodly actions.

The most powerful nation ever continues to erode day by day and the decline will continue with dishonest men and women attempting to run a country when they themselves don’t know the meaning of the simple truth.

I pray for our country and God bless what is left of America!

Charles Duke Sheridan