Awareness can make difference

Published 9:58 am Thursday, October 4, 2012

It is a problem that crosses nearly all demographics, a societal disease that touches the lives of millions of Americans.

October is the month designated to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse, in hopes that this understanding and focus on the problem will carry on throughout the year.

The Lawrence County Ddomestic Vviolence Ttask force does a commendable job with very few resources. Tonight’s event at Ohio University Southern is just another way for the organization to shine spotlight on this problem and hopefully educate people that abuse –- physical, emotional or sexual — is never acceptable or excusable.

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Lawrence County’s law enforcement agencies can tell first man how detrimental domestic violence is in our communities. Many of the calls they go on each night are related to domestic issues.

Far too many people look at this and say, “Well, it isn’t happening in my house, so it isn’t my problem. I should just mind my own business.”

That thought process couldn’t be more wrong.

It is everyone’s problem. It is everyone’s business. Is everyone’s responsibility.

That can start in October but should never end.