Nation must continue toward full recovery

Published 9:39 am Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wake up, Lawrence County voters! Even if you’re not particularly fond of either presidential candidate, at least vote the interests of your family and fellow Lawrence Countians.

Most of us depend in some way on the things the Romney/Ryan plan either abolishes or greatly reduces.

If you have benefitted from Social Security, Medicare, college tuition grants, unemployment benefits, minimum wages, veterans benefits, food stamps, and numerous other programs, you are one of the 47 percent that Romney says will never take responsibility for yourself. Even if you have worked all your life and paid huge amounts of your wages in taxes.

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Of course they promise to reduce taxes. After all these programs are gutted reducing taxes will be no problem. But the amount you and I pay in taxes will seem like nothing compared to what we will lose if the Ryan plan becomes the law of the land.

Romney’s solution is,”Borrow money from your parents and start your own business.”

In other words, you should have been smart enough to be born into a richer family.

We are slowly, but surely recovering from the disaster of the Bush years. If the Republicans really believed we were better off four years ago they would have invited Bush to speak about it at the Republican National Convention.

Please don’t vote to go back there.

Janet Jenkins, Ironton