Our county can be real destination

Published 9:42 am Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pessimists who do not think that Lawrence County has tourism potential are missing the big picture and taking for granted many of the tremendous resources here in southern Ohio.

The problem is that the county has never done a particularly good job of promoting itself and letting those in the community, in the Tri-State, and the entire East Coast know what we have to offer.

That is something the Lawrence County Convention and Visitors Bureau is planning to change by creating a consistent marketing and branding image that can be used to ensure that Lawrence County is no longer Ohio’s best-kept secret.

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Travel and tourism has evolved over the years and every trip isn’t about sitting on the beach or visiting a major city. Many people want to reconnect with the area they grew up in, enjoy quiet getaways that are still close to amenities, get closer to nature or simply explore an area that is new to them.

Lawrence County has much to offer: the Ohio River, Lake Vesuvius and Wayne National Forest, historic homes and downtown Ironton and a storied past.

Positioning the county to capitalize on these is crucial. It can also pave the way for new ideas such as promoting the region’s railroad history, sports legends, Underground Railroad legacy and untapped natural resources.

That all starts with creating are clear identity and marketing plan.