Voting Republican will only make things far worse

Published 9:41 am Thursday, October 18, 2012

I want to thank Michael Caldwell for his article concerning the number of people in Lawrence County who depend on the federal government for their necessities of life.

There is need for food, housing, medical care and clothing. I visit Ironton as much as possible and love coming home. I keep in touch with what is happening in Ironton by reading The Tribune and I always read the opinion page.

I am surprised by the number of complaints from readers who do not accept the Democratic message that takes care of more than 25 percent of the population in Lawrence County.

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Many will say, “I am tired of my money going to people who do not work or even try to get a job.” They have a very good point and should be listened to but I will say that the other party will give you assistance if you are a millionaire or billionaire.

And then that 25 percent will increase even more.

Lawrence County is known to its own and is full of very proud people.

My thanks to you again, Mike. I will continue to read The Tribune and I always vote as a Democrat,

Becky Siple Moffitt

East Falmouth, Mass.