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Our country misses Godly, military leader

I am a proud veteran, U.S. Navy Vietnam era, and a lifelong Democrat.

Men and women, my fellow Americans who served this country with pride, giving of yourself to a good upright military cause, you stood and fought for freedom, liberty and justice and the love of country and man. Many of us saw friends and family give the ultimate sacrifice, giving up their lives at a youthful age.

Those in hands-on combat painfully viewed friends sustain mortal wounds and die on foreign soil with no family at their side, just a fellow veteran with tears in his eyes, holding your hand as you succumbed to war injuries.

I proudly have a first cousin and a brother-in-law who both sustained war time injuries or illnesses. One earned several combat ribbons and a Purple Heart, the other left with Agent Orange effects.

When we returned home in the 1960s and 1970s, some Americans shunned us. Riots and protests were commonplace. This was the beginning of the U.S. turning her back on God and country.

Our current president, in almost four years, has displayed none of the characteristics of a president of pride or any military affection or knowledge. I doubt if he even served in the Boy Scouts or ROTC.

I saw with my own eyes that he did not salute our colors while the other elected dignitaries did. So, he either was ignorant of how to properly salute or objected, not very presidential or commander in chief material.

Following suit, his wife stated the only time she was proud to be an American was the day her hubby was elected president.

I heard and saw on TV where the so called commander in chief, thinking his microphone was off, told a high ranking foreign diplomat to just wait until after he was re-elected and they would cut a deal. A man who cuts deals behind closed doors needs to be dealt out.

In recent weeks, our president not only sat idle, he apologized for the loss of four lives, then covered up the fact that the White House knew of the pending attack. Our ambassador was tortured and brutally slain. Obama publicly apologized.

It was saddening to watch TV and see God removed from the Democrat platform and three failed attempts to replace God. I am confident Gen. George Patton would be astonished and ashamed. I wish I had the power to bring back this real man.

He could show the president the proper way to handle these radical Muslims who take pride in killing Americans. General George would attack them and he would draw his own pearl-handled pistol and eradicate his attackers.

I am not interested in any man or woman with the position of commander in chief who has no guts or pride.

We need a real man, a Godly man or we are a lost nation. A man just as General Patton would stand up proudly for God and country.

Charles Duke Sheridan



Country cannot survive four more years of Obama

When I write a letter, I try to show the differences in the two parties and what it means. The way things are now.

First, the Democratic Party didn’t want the word God in their platform. The vote to put it in took three tries just to insert God.

The Republicans gladly want him in their party. However, most of the party are typical hypocrites, as they say one thing but never act on what they say.

They say they are against abortion. However when in full power of president, Congress and Senate that no legislation has ever been put forth to stop it. The same thing about gay marriage. They never acted on it either.

Our country has become one of a pagan nation. We have denied the very Bible that we are to live by, as man has inserted himself as the chief authority in life. It doesn’t matter what the Bible has to say.

Well, man will one day stand in the presence of a Holy God and give an account of his denial. Whether you have the designation of Democrat or Republican, it will be of no importance to God.

I write this because we know just where Obama stands on abortion, homosexuality and pills to do away with pregnancy, instead of abstaining in the first place.

Also, whether a good or bad person, we will all give an account of our life while here on earth. Judgment will be here soon enough for each of us.

Obama is fast breaking America with his debt and endless spending. It seems that that is what he wants to do to America.

He has single-handedly given us more debt than any president from George Washington to G.W. Bush and has no plan to lower it. If you take 75 percent of the money of the top 10 percent of taxpayers you can’t balance the budget because all they would do is go out of business. Where would the workers be then?

When will you understand it is the business people who hire workers and if their profit is gone they will not hire, but lay off workers. I hope this will let you know that I stand on the truth, not just the word of a politician or his promise.

The accounting office of the United States has said that if Obama is re-elected that our debt by the end of his next term will be more than $20 trillion, which would be more than all our presidents.

Can we survive with this much debt? We will see on election day.

Homer Campbell



This is most important election in a lifetime

This election is the most important election in our lifetime. I realize people say this all the time, but this time it is different. There hasn’t been an election this important since the election just before the Civil War when Lincoln was elected president.

In 2008 many people voted for Barack Obama, “hoping” for “change.” People thought he would be a great unifier in 2008, but now four years later we haven’t been so divided on everything since the Civil War. We must realize that everything is at stake in this election. Whether it be the economy, or the Constitution itself, it is all going to be on the table.

The middle class has been buried under this administration and four more years will not make things any better. The poverty rate in America has never been so high with 15 percent of Americans in poverty, which is slightly different from the unemployment numbers. Food stamps are at an all-time high with 45 percent of Americans on food stamps.

The economy has grown at a slower rate each year for the past four years. We have had deficits over a trillion dollars for four years. The United States has accumulated $5 trillion of more debt in the past four years, which is more than any other president in history, and more than what the first 42 presidents accumulated put together.

I am only 16 and unfortunately cannot vote, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care. In fact, I should care more to get people informed and to get them to vote because this is my future, and it is my generation that is going to have to pay for their mistakes.

As I said, this is the most important election in our lifetime, and I pray that God may keep the Republic for years to come.

Caleb Franz