Compassion not about political ties

Published 10:16 am Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The fact that the Ironton City Welfare Mission served a record number of meals on Thanksgiving is certainly the proverbial double-edged sword and shows the importance of not forgetting the needs within our community.

It is certainly a positive that an organization as strong as the city mission is able to rise to the challenge by serving 948 meals, an increase of about 200 from last year.

On the other hand it is heartbreaking that so many families would be unable to provide the special meal without assistance. When you factor in all those who get assistance from the numerous church food pantries and other organizations across the county working to fight hunger, it is very concerning.

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The need for necessities — food, coats, gloves, clothes — will only increase as Christmas draws near.

Cynics will say that these are people who will not help themselves and are simply looking for handouts.

That’s absolutely ridiculous.

Although a small percentage is possibly taking advantage of our community’s generosity, most of these individuals are working families who are underemployed or unable to reenter the workforce and simply cannot make ends meet.

Compassion and generosity are not traits that are tied to political affiliation. Helping other human beings is more about being a moral person.

Forget about Black Friday and Cyber Monday and last minute sales. Get in the true holiday spirit by helping an organization or group that embodies the real meaning of Christmas.