City should welcome OSHP help

Published 9:45 am Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mayor Rich Blankenship has asked the city solicitors for a written opinion confirming that he cannot prevent the Ohio State Highway Patrol from enforcing the laws on Ironton streets.

Who cares if he can or cannot? The bottom line is that no one should want to and the mayor should tell that to anyone who complains.

Even seeking clarification on this, which certainly looks like a way to pass the buck so to speak, sends the wrong message.

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The mayor should be welcoming the patrol with open arms because the city needs all the police protection it can get and the only people who are concerned about why the OSHP is in town are those who are breaking the law.

The patrol’s primary activity when in Ironton is citing traffic violations and those who are driving under the influence, two areas that the Ironton Police Department has all but ignored for years.

Some like to argue that the patrol in town hurts Ironton businesses and keeps its citizens from having a good time.

That is ludicrous.

Everyone can have a good time but that doesn’t mean breaking the law is OK.

Ironton citizens and its leaders need to embrace any measures that make our streets and our community safer.