Community must try to ‘look beyond’

Published 9:02 am Friday, February 15, 2013

March may most often be associated with college basketball but the annual Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month events have the magnitude of a national championship for those involved.

As always, the goal is to show the community the importance of the developmentally disabled as part of the larger society. Fittingly, this year’s statewide theme of “Look Beyond” focuses on bringing the community together to accomplish more, seeing past our differences and finding the things that bond us to one another.

The Lawrence County Board of DD does a great job every year of implementing a variety of events that educate the public, bring the community together, showcase the men, women and children who benefit from the programs and simply allow everyone involved to have a good time.

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The full schedule was printed in Monday’s edition. The highlights include the balloon launch, 5K race, a food drive, the chili fest and craft show and even some basketball games for those who feel March wouldn’t be complete without some hoops.

It takes a lot of hard work putting these events together and the board should be commended for its efforts but, without question, the individuals who are served are most definitely worth it.

So, take a look at what is going on in March, set your preconceived notions aside and come out to have fun.

You will certainly walk away enlightened and with a new perspective on the men, women and children of Lawrence County who have “disabilities” that should instead be considered what makes them unique.