Tribune should provide complete cops reports

Published 9:01 am Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I feel the citizens of Lawrence County and the City of Ironton deserve much more information pertinent to our safety and security than we are currently receiving from The Tribune.

I also feel it is of paramount importance The Tribune fulfill its obligation to the citizenry by publishing a police report which informs readers of various crime areas throughout the county so we can be better prepared to protect ourselves and our property during a time law enforcement is almost nonexistent at a dependable level.

I further feel The Tribune is guilty of nonfeasance through its omission of an act that should have been performed.

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Since November 2012, The Tribune has published a Police Report a total of 15 times and should be ashamed of such substandard reporting, unless The Tribune feels crime is now nonexistent.

Allen Caldwell

South Point