Two arrested in robbery of Chesy home

Published 12:03 am Sunday, March 3, 2013

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Thanks to some quick thinking, a Chesapeake man was able to help investigators track down two men who allegedly broke into his mother’s house while he was asleep.

The incident happened about 10:30 a.m. Thursday in the 12000 block of State Route 243, according to Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless.

Lawless said the young man was home sleeping when he heard the doorbell ring and knocks on the door. The man ignored the knocks and remained in bed.

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A short time later, Lawless said, the man heard footsteps and voices in the home. The man looked out his bedroom window and saw a burgundy pickup truck and two men carrying items from the house.

The suspects took guns, jewelry, electronics and musical equipment.

“As he is watching out the window, he notices two white male subjects carrying items from the house and putting them in the car, at which point he takes a picture of the vehicle with his cell phone,” Lawless said. “He then feared for his safety and leaves from the house by jumping out his bedroom window and hiding in the wooded area around his home and called the sheriff’s office.”

The suspects had left the scene by the time sheriff’s deputies arrived. The homeowner arrived as well and recognized the men in her son’s photos.

“After she viewed the pictures of this pickup truck, she recognized the truck as (owned by) one of the people she had doing some remodeling on her home,” Lawless said. “She knew the suspects lived in the Barboursville, W.Va., area.”

Lawless said a be on the lookout was issued and about an hour and a half later, the West Virginia State Police had stopped the vehicle on State Route 60 between Huntington and Barboursville.

Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office Detective Aaron Bollinger said both suspects confessed to robbing the home.

Items stolen from the home were found in the truck and Bollinger said one of the suspects led detectives to a home in West Virginia where more items from the home were being kept.

Arrested were Joseph A. Workman II, 38, of 3873 Goose Creek Road, Barboursville, and Scott A. Edie II, 23, of 818 Lance Drive, Charleston, W.Va.

Both are being held in the Western Regional Jail in West Virginia on bonds of $25,000.

Each faces charges of first-degree aggravated robbery in Lawrence County, as well as charges of transferring and receiving stolen property in West Virginia.

The men will be extradited to Lawrence County to face the robbery charges in the near future.

Lawless said the quick arrests in the case were thanks to the young man in the home not taking matters into his own hands by confronting the suspects.

“It was kind of unusual for anyone to be home during the day at this house,” Lawless said. “These construction workers knew this pattern and I don’t think they knew anyone was home or had taken a picture of them until the police had stopped them and interrogated them.

“I commend this young man for fleeing the home and not trying to take matters into his own hands. There were several guns that were stolen from the house, guitars, Playstation equipment. Somebody’s life is not worth property and it could have been ugly had he confronted them.”