Orders by courts are necessary

Published 9:51 am Friday, March 8, 2013

Although court-ordered budgets carry a negative stigma for many citizens, this system is necessary to ensure the judicial branch of government continues to operate as needed in our democracy.

But the laws that allow judges to mandate how much money they need to operate certainly highlight the need for good cooperation and communication among the branches.

It is important that the legislative branch of government — in this case the city council and the county commissioners — provide the judicial branch the funds needed to operate.

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Overall, Lawrence County’s leaders do a pretty good job of this and the budget requests this year aren’t really unreasonable.

But that doesn’t mean the requests are completely acceptable either.

The judges need to understand the financial challenges faced throughout the county government and find ways to make the same concessions as the other office holders. Every other office has to make painful cuts and decisions that aren’t easy. The judicial system shouldn’t be exempted from this.

But the commissioners need to understand that the courts have to be able to operate and may not be able to sacrifice as much.

Both sides have to look at every situation objectively and realize that the ultimate goal is serving the citizens. This is a reasonable expectation and one that can come true.